With investor’s paradigm, we aim to promote a culture of entrepreneurship in the general public. We will question the under-representation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the common man’s investment portfolio. And we will challenge the way startups and SMEs are traditionally financed.

Over the years, we have been confronted many times with this subject. In three roles, to be exact: during university, researching the importance of SMEs for the overall economy, three times from the perspective of an entrepreneur seeking funding, and lastly, as investors in SMEs having had the luck twice to gain access to interesting startups through our personal network.

Trigger for investorsparadigm.org investorsparadigm.org were eventually the findings from a survey on investment behaviour which we co-initiated, wanting to challenge our views on the subject with the opinions of a broader sample of the population.

Investor’s paradigm is meant to be an open platform, inviting everyone interested in this subject to discuss and analyze related problems and to brainstorm innovative methods for their resolution.

If you wish to get in touch, contact us on authors@investorsparadigm.org.

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