More and more solid university spinoffs in Switzerland

An article in yesterday’s NZZ pointed out that the number of Swiss university spinoffs is continuously growing. Even more interesting is the fact that Swiss university spinoffs could be the most solid worldwide, outperforming even MIT in Boston or OxfordAn LSE study analyzing 130 ETH Zurich spinoffs over 10 years suggests that about 90% of these startups survived the first 5 critical years resulting in an average annual IRR of more than 43%. Recent examples are Esbatech, a University Zurich spinoff or Glycart, an ETH Zurich spinoff that both were sold to large corporates for a couple of hundred million dollars. The NZZ author concludes that “these results are positive signals for many investors that by now in Switzerland you can do profitable investments in startups”. Also noteworthy is the fact that only 27% of ETH Zurich startups managed to obtain venture capital funding in the past. With UK university spinoffs this ratio is 60%. To close this gap, innovative funding approaches are needed.

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